Why I love Cuties (oranges, not so much)

If you have kids, chances are you've purchased Cuties, the little orange/clementine in the mesh bags. If you haven't had kids, you probably have still bought them. I don't remember them being around when I was young, but nowadays I buy them far more often than oranges. The other day, I found myself wondering: "Why?"

Growing up, I loved oranges, any fruit really. It was sweet, tasty, healthy. But, over the last few years I've noticed that oranges are great sometimes and crappy at others. Cuties, on the other hand, or Halo's, the Cuties clementinish (is that a word?) cousin, seem to be more consistent in good taste.

So, while I think that a great orange is still better than the best "Cutie," more often than not, I go with the Cutie. Sure, its smaller, and yeah, its taste ceiling isn't as high. But, I find it to be consistent. Oh, and it peels a lot easier than an orange.

In short, it’s the safer bet.

My point: Clients want consistency. Yes, we can intrigue them with "Wow" marketing or sales or customer service. And we absolutely should.

But, that "Wow" needs to be driven home with consistency. If we only deliver the "Wow" to a customer 20, 30 or even 50% of the time, they will eventually move along to something or someone that might not be as exciting, or as loaded with potential. But on the other hand, the likelihood of them getting a difficult to access and disappointing experience is less likely as well.

Its really that old phrase of underpromise and overdeliver. No matter how good our intentions or great our potential, our goods and services are remembered for what they most often deliver. So, for us, that means we need to identify the best product or experience we can reasonably give…and that is what our marketing and sales and implementation should represent.

And, if that isn't appealing enough to prospects and clients? That's another discussion.
So, what do you (and I) have that we can consistently deliver all the time? That's what we should market to…because that's where our market is.

Oh…and go out today and buy some Cuties. They are quite tasty! Cheers.

Will Goad

To goad = to provoke, prod, drive, etc. This has been your daily goad. Thank you for 3 minutes of your day!